Best Bras For Big Busts: Because Large Cup Sizes Don't Have To Be 'Granny Bras'

Pretty bras for large breasts DO exist.

A woman's rant about unflattering lingerie has gone viral.

Blogger Chardé Heremaia, from New Zealand, documented her search for a pretty bra in a double F cup size - complaining that cute bras only come in smaller cup sizes, while larger ones look like "granny bras."

"Bra manufacturers who custom-make bras for the very heavily busted women should also make pretty ones for a more affordable price," she says in the YouTube clip.

"You don’t pay more for shoes when you have bigger feet, do you?!"

Busty women will definitely feel her pain - it's so irritating to fall in love with a bra, only to discover it doesn't come in your size.

Luckily for us Brits, a number of UK brands are stepping up and offering stylish bras in a huge variety of cup sizes.

Check out our favourite brands catering to larger breasts, and not charging you more for having them:

Simply Be

Lingerie in cup sizes A - L at


Lingerie in cup sizes AA - K at

Curvy Kate

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Lingerie in cup sizes D - K at


A photo posted by Bravissimo (@lovebravissimo) on

Lingerie in cup sizes D - K at

Fig Leaves

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Lingerie in cup sizes AA - K at

Boux Avenue

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Lingerie in cup sizes A - G at

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