13 Tweets That Sum Up Everything Wrong With The Pink Ribbon

'Breast cancer isn't pretty, it isn't sexy and it isn't pink.'

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a group of women are fighting back against the ubiquitous October pink ribbon.

Not because they don’t believe in the value of life-saving cancer research, quite the opposite.

Jo Taylor, Annie Dennison, Wendi Dennis, are among the women campaigning on social media, as they are tired of the pink ribbon making breast cancer the ‘pretty’ cancer.

She and the other campaigners are calling for the pink ribbon to stop sanitising breast cancer and for people to realise that awareness isn’t enough. Instead, it is time to start educating.

Here are 13 tweets that perfectly sum up why we might want to rethink the pink ribbon.

1. Wonder how the pink ribbon helps those with breast cancer.

2. Know that breast cancer is incurable for many.

3. Remember that breast cancer isn’t just about breasts.

4. Realise that breast cancer shouldn’t be sugar coated.

5. Acknowledge that breast cancer patients aren’t a marketing exercise.

6. Know that breast cancer is about scars, not ribbons.

7. Accept that breast cancer isn’t a party.

8. Nor is it a pink balloon.

9. Or a fishing lure...

10. And this broom?

11. Is pink ribbon hair dye really the answer?

12. Remember that breast cancer is not the good cancer.

13. And definitely not dripping in pink.

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