Brian Blessed's Sweary Message To Covid-19 Wasn't Daytime TV Friendly, But It Sure Was Funny

The Flash Gordon star got rather impassioned when speaking about coronavirus.

Brian Blessed has summed up the thoughts of the nation after telling Covid-19 virus to “bugger off” – the problem is, he did it on daytime TV.

The actor appeared on ITV’s Lorraine on Thursday to discuss the 40th anniversary of Flash Gordon, but he got rather impassioned when speaking about coronavirus.

After telling host Christine Lampard about how thankful he was to the NHS for the treatment and care his wife received before recovering from cancer, pneumonia and heart problems, he sent a stern message to the virus.

“This Covid virus – I really want to say one swear word – bugger off!” he shouted, with his trademark bellow.

Brian Blessed on Thursday's Lorraine
Brian Blessed on Thursday's Lorraine

“We will beat it, it will go away, I believe in the human spirit and we are showing immense courage in this country, but thanks to the NHS,” he added.

An amused Christine swiftly issued an apology for Brian’s outburst, saying: “It has been the most extraordinary time, I’m sure some of us would use even a stronger word than that, but obviously we can’t and we will apologise for any bad language.”

As Brian apologised, she added: “Oh no, don’t worry, I think we’re all feeling it.”

During the interview, the 83-year-old also discussed his wish to be the oldest man to visit the moon and how he keeps fit and healthy.

He revealed: “I did training at Space City in Moscow. I did 800 hours there and then worked with NASA in the Pacific. I’m a fully qualified cosmonaut. I just love it.

“I say to people that nature does not cheat. There is no-one like you. We have all got something that nobody else has got. And you have got to be allowed to fulfil your dream for don’t let people stop you fulfilling your dreams. I think you must just go for it.”

He continued: “I am totally fearless. I train everyday, not out of vanity, but because of the expeditions I want to do. I bench press 300 pounds. I’m 83 years of age, I do five-mile runs. We all have these special qualities.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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