'Succession' Star Brian Cox Names Key Difference Between Logan Roy And Donald Trump

"It would be much easier if he didn’t love his children," the actor said of the billionaire media mogul he portrays in the hit HBO show.

Comparisons between “Succession” character Logan Roy and real-life media baron Rupert Murdoch and former President Donald Trump have been a dime a dozen since the hit HBO show first burst onto TV screens in 2018.

But actor Brian Cox, who portrays mogul Roy in the hit series, has pointed out a key difference between the fictional billionaire and the IRL ones his character is often likened to.

“The big difference between Logan and all those guys is he’s self-made, he didn’t inherit anything. It all came from nothing,” Cox told CNN ahead of the show’s fourth and final season.

A New York Times investigation in 2018 found Trump received at least $413 million (in today’s money) from his father’s real estate empire. Murdoch, meanwhile, at 22 inherited an Australian newspaper chain following the death of his father.

“Logan is a misanthrope, he’s a really unhappy man and his problem is, it would be much easier if he didn’t love his children. That’s his problem, that’s his Achilles’ heel, he loves his children,” Cox explained. “Again, it’s a satire, it’s such a reflection on our life at the moment. That sense of entitlement that those kids have.”

Cox in 2021 likened the show to the “entitlement that we’ve seen of the horrific Trumps and Kushner and all of that.”

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