28/07/2014 11:53 BST | Updated 06/12/2017 22:18 GMT

If You Attempt This World Record, Your Lungs Might Explode

Under normal circumstances, it would be a concern for a recovering drug-addicted clown to make a living blowing things up.

But for Brian Jackson, it's a claim to fame. The Guinness World Record holder can burst three hot water bottles in just over a minute using only his lungs to blow them up. Sound easy? Don't try this at home, kids, it could kill you.

"It can take up to 170 pounds of pressure to blow it up -- like blowing up four car tires," Jackson said in an interview published on YouTube by Launchpad Entertainment 360. "There's nothing to stop the air from coming back into my lungs."

He claims at least five people have died trying the feat, after air from the hot water bottle shot back into their throats and burst their lungs.

The Oklahoma resident says on his website that he used to be a registered clown with "years of drug and alcohol" abuse, until he found hot water bottles. He's blown up more than 6,000 hot water bottles since, making the rounds at schools, morning news shows and world record ceremonies. Heck, he can even lift a car with those powerful lungs.

Watch the video above to see him in action. He gets bonus points for his reaction when the bottle hit its breaking point.

And again, don't try this at home!

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