Bride Had Guests Wear Their Old Wedding Dresses At Her Wedding And It Was Beautiful

“At the end of the day I really just want magic, princess fun time as a grown-up,” Audrey Moore told HuffPost.
Actress Audrey Moore and writer Jesse Lumen at their beautifully unconventional wedding.
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Actress Audrey Moore and writer Jesse Lumen at their beautifully unconventional wedding.

Here come … the brides?

Audrey Moore, an actress you may recognize from shows like “Better Call Saul” and “Godless,” knew her wedding to her longtime beau, writer Jesse Lumen, would not be a traditional one.

“We’re both really creative,” Moore explained to HuffPost. “We don’t take things too seriously. We like to celebrate love and our friends and our family and just having a good time in general. So our main goal was to create a wedding we would want to go to.”

When the couple got married on Dec. 30 at RoseWolff Studio in downtown Los Angeles, they did just that — producing a wonderfully quirky celebration in which, among other things, Moore encouraged her female guests to wear their wedding dresses again on her big day.

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“I really loved the idea of all of the girls having the opportunity to wear these dresses again,” Moore said, adding that it made her sad that many of their gorgeous gowns would likely never be used again. So she asked her guests to revel in the festivities together, even daring them to upstage her.

“I love everybody to celebrate how magical they are and I think at the end of the day I really just want magic, princess fun time as a grown-up,” she said.

Her husband posted a photo of the wedding on Reddit, where people embraced the concept and the image went viral.

Though the idea was a hit, many of Moore’s friends were initially skeptical.

“They started calling each other to make sure that other girls were supposed to wear their dresses and that I wasn’t just being an asshole to all of them, which is really funny,” Moore said.

The actress also acknowledged that because of her job, she has the opportunity “to play dress up all the time.”

“This didn’t feel like my one day where I got to be in my special gown,” she said.

Moore also emphasized that she and Lumen didn’t want their wedding to be a financial burden for them or their guests, who were mostly working actors and others who labor in the film and television industry. So they told everyone to wear whatever they wanted, including costumes, which many of them had on hand from past jobs.

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Moore, who had her icy blue gown custom made, noticed while it was being created that it resembled the dress of a Disney character — Elsa from “Frozen.” So at her reception she added a few accessories to amp up the resemblance and party along with her costumed guests.

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Lumen and his groomsmen went a nontraditional route too, wearing white tuxedo hoodies rather than the usual formalwear.

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“All I’ve ever wanted was my husband to wear a white hoodie on our wedding day,” Moore confessed. “Because I met him in a white hoodie and I think he looks best in a hoodie. It’s my favorite thing that he wears. I think he looks so handsome in them.”

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But the dress code wasn’t the only delightfully unusual aspect of their nuptials. Moore walked down the aisle to the “Game of Thrones” theme song, piñatas were used in lieu of floral decorations, and their ceremony was performed Mad Libs-style, with their officiant asking guests to fill in the blanks in his speech.

The couple also had a very practical wedding registry, asking guests to help pay for just two items — a new mattress, which they needed, and an Instant Pot, which they just wanted.

“The hype is real,” Moore said referring to her new kitchen gadget. “They are life-changing.”

Despite all the whimsy, one of the most surprising elements of the wedding was that Moore asked Lumen to walk her down the aisle.

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“My father passed away when I was 22 and I then decided I would have my grandmother walk me down the aisle one day, but then my grandmother passed away. Then I thought, well, I’ll have my brother walk me down the aisle, and my brother passed away,” Moore said. “That was part of why we wanted to keep the wedding so fun and silly. Given all of what happened, I didn’t want it to feel heavy.”

It appears that Moore made the right decision for herself, remembering the moment as “wonderful.”

In fact, she thinks her wedding in general was pretty great, a true reflection of who she and Lumen are as a couple.

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“We felt like having a wedding that is really authentic to us is really important,” Moore said. “Our favorite weddings are the ones that really represent the couples. Where we really feel like it’s them and this extension of them on their big day when we all get to celebrate.”

Well, mission accomplished.