Bride Discovers Wedding Venue Is Hosting 'Fetish Ball', Responds Accordingly

The dude with the ears though.

A bride was left more than a little gobsmacked when she turned up to her wedding venue and realised she was sharing it with hundreds of ‘fetish ball’ attendees.

But rather than freaking out, she did what any of us would have done: she had an awkward photo snapped with two leather-clad revellers.


The hilarious photo was shared on Reddit with the caption: “Sometimes the hotel holding your wedding also has a fetish ball booked.”

The woman, dressed in a floor-length white gown, is flanked by two people dressed in fetish gear - we’re talking lots of leather, PVC, chains and face masks.

All she could do was smile in a ‘this is quite shocking’ kind of manner.

The post prompted some incredibly witty responses, including one person who said the fetishists’ outfits were the “best bridesmaids outfits ever”.

Another added: “Wearing white to a fetish ball, that’s bold.”

Salsa_Starch_ commented: “Plot twist: people in black are the Bride and Groom and the real ‘fetishist’ is the girl who is into ‘marriage-play’.”

Unsurprisingly the amusing shot has been viewed more than seven million times.

We’re certain it was a truly memorable day.

[H/T Mommyish]