Brighton Pride: 16 Moments That Made 2017's Event Truly Spectacular

What hangover?
Tabatha Fireman via Getty Images

This year’s Pride event in Brighton saw 300,000 people descend on the seaside town for a fun-filled day of dancing and frivolity.

People of all ages, races and sexualities came together to celebrate the LGBT+ community and the fact it’s been 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalised.

Here are just a few of the standout moments:

1. The Glorious Weather

2. The Dancing Paramedics

3. The Fabulous Outfits

4. Sussex Police’s YMCA

5. The Rainbow-Adorned Doggos

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6. The Mental Health Champions

7. These Colourful Uni Gowns

8. George Montague’s Flawlessness

9. The Sassy Signs

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10. The Support From Locals

11. The Incredible Makeup

12. The Jazzy Police Cars

13. The Excessive Amounts Of Glitter

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14. The Colourful Booze

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15. The Massive Flag

16. The Endless Supply Of Love And Happiness