22/02/2018 00:00 GMT | Updated 22/02/2018 08:34 GMT

Brit Awards 2018: Elton John Struggles To Pronounce 'Dear Friend' Ed Sheeran's Name

And it definitely did not go unnoticed.

Although he wasn’t actually in attendance, Sir Elton John still wound up getting people talking during this year’s Brit Awards, thanks to a pre-recorded video message that aired during the ceremony.

Sir Elton was called on to introduce Ed Sheeran, who was the recipient of this year’s Global Success award, honouring the British act who had made the biggest splash overseas in the last 12 months.

However, despite claiming in his video that he’d been chosen to introduce Ed because of their close friendship, it seemed the ‘Rocket Man’ singer actually had a bit of difficulty pronouncing his name, because, erm…


And whether it was an accidental slip-up or a private joke he decided to include in the video, Sir Elton’s faux pas did not go unnoticed by Brits viewers at home, particularly due to their supposed close friendship...

At least we know Sir Elton is definitely familiar with Ed, as he stuck up for him earlier this month when ‘Shape Of You’ was seemingly snubbed by the Grammys.

He fumed at the time: “Shape Of You is probably the most successful single in the whole world last year. That it wasn’t nominated, is, to me, a travesty.

“But it’s all about politics. I don’t understand it. I never have understood awards shows.”

Ed did wind up taking home two Grammys on the night, though, but his victory didn’t sit well with everybody.

And while he did pick up Global Success at the Brits, the ceremony wasn’t quite the cake-walk for the ‘Galway Singer’ some might have thought, as he ended up losing out in all four of the categories he was nominated in.

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