10/04/2016 09:01 BST

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ 2015 Winner Jules O’Dwyer Reveals Her Struggle With Fame: ‘It’s Been A Real Learning Curve’

'To have fans wanting selfies has taken a bit of getting used to.'

Last year’s winner of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ has revealed she’s struggled to come to terms with her new-found fame since appearing on the show.

Jules O’Dwyer and her dog Matisse were crowned the 2015 winners, but the reigning champ admits she’s had to get used to becoming well known.

Jules and Matisse
Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images

She also had some words of advice for this year’s ‘BGT’ contestants, telling them to ‘just be yourself’.

"I never concentrated on trying to win the show that’s not what I was there for and I took it really step-by-step,” she said.

"I think it has a lot to do with how you come across to viewers, and they want to see how you really are.

“Just be yourself and I think that’s what won me a lot of votes as I was just Jules and I was just there loving my dogs and doing what I enjoy."

Jules came under fire following last year’s final for using another pooch, Chase, to perform a tightrope stunt during her performance.

In the immediate aftermath of the scandal, ‘BGT’ producers issued an apology to viewers, stating that they should have made it clearer that Chase was part of the routine.

Show boss Simon Cowell went on to insist that the act would not be stripped of their £250,000 prize money.

Jules also insisted that she had not attempted to mislead the public, telling ITV News:"I was disappointed when people said I allegedly hid Chase and I was trying to make it like Chase was Matisse. That's not so.

"I introduced Chase in the semi-final, and I said Chase is Matisse's best mate. Why put the pressure on the dog when I already have another dog who can perform it on television?"

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