'Britain's Got Talent': Simon Cowell Reveals Why Amanda Holden Will Never Be Fired

'We are stuck with her until the show ends.'

Amanda Holden has received some good news about her future on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, as boss Simon Cowell has revealed she will be on the show until it ends - but only because she is impossible to get rid of.

Despite being famous for wielding the axe over judges on his talent shows, the music mogul has admitted that he would find it difficult to fire his long-term colleague, as she would refuse to be sacked.

Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell
Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell

Asked about how Mandy, who recently backtracked on her previous statement that this year’s series of the ‘BGT’ would be her last, had endured 10 years on the panel, Simon said: “Even if we were to say, ‘You’re not on the show’, she would still turn up.

“I think we are stuck with her until the show ends. Right until that point she will still be sitting in that chair.”

Speaking ahead of the return of ‘BGT’, which launches its 10th series on Saturday, Simon also claimed that the public’s perception of Amanda had changed since she joined the show in 2007.

Simon claims that public opinion of Mandy has changed
Simon claims that public opinion of Mandy has changed

“I think people have got to know her personality,” he explained. "I mean, I didn’t know much about her until I worked with her.

“She has an incredible sense of humour, always fun, always up, loves being on the show. She’s like something out of a ‘Carry On’ movie, everything is a double-entendre, like those postcards you can buy from Blackpool, that’s Amanda. I do love her.”

He added: “Amanda is exactly the same off camera as she is on, there is no difference other than she doesn’t cry in real life. I’ve never seen Amanda cry off camera! She saves it for the camera.”

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ returns on Saturday (9 March) at 7pm on ITV.

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