'Britain's Got Talent': Ian And Anne Get Everyone On Their Feet With 'Crazy In Love' Audition (VIDEO)

This performance is what 'Britain's Got Talent' is truly all about.

If there’s one thing ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is good at more than any other TV talent hunt, it’s finding something heart-warming to put a big old smile on our face.

Yes, we love those Susan Boyle moments, seeing people putting on an incredible show and bringing a tear to everyone in the auditorium, including the four judges.

But sometimes, we can’t lie, we just want to watch something that’s a bit of fun. We want Lorraine Bowen and her crumble. We want a cute singing puppet. We want a dog in a bow tie.

Fortunately, this Saturday’s (23 April) ‘BGT’ is given a massive injection of out-and-out fun courtesy of the imaginatively-named singing double act Ian and Anne.

<strong>No, it's not Beyoncé and Jay Z - it's Ian and Anne</strong>
No, it's not Beyoncé and Jay Z - it's Ian and Anne

Ian and Anne are made up of - believe it or not - married couple Ian and Anne, who put their own spin on Beyoncé and Jay Z’s ‘Crazy In Love’.

True, they’re not always 100% up to scratch, and Anne’s choreography isn’t quite up there with the Queen Bey’s. But that’s not what ‘BGT’ is about, is it? And taking a look at the audience who are all up on their feet - not to mention David Walliams, who can’t keep himself in his seat either - proves it.

<strong> David Walliams</strong>
David Walliams

To find out whether Ian and Anne make it through to this year’s ‘BGT’ live shows, don’t miss this week’s round of auditions, kicking off on Saturday night at 8pm on ITV.

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