‘Britain’s Got Talent’: 10 Things To Look Forward To On The Tenth Series Of The ITV Talent Show

Water fights, sword swallowing, a polar bear and LOTS of flesh.

Britain’s Got Talent’ celebrates its tenth series this year and after nine years on the box, it is as popular as ever.

There’s just something distinctly British about a talent show like ‘BGT’ (apart from the title of the show itself) that we just can’t seem to get enough of.

Whether it’s dancing dogs, camp dance troupes, the unlikeliest superstar-singers-in-waiting, or the someone lobbing eggs at Simon Cowell, every series is guaranteed to deliver more than its fair share of oh-my-god-I-didn’t-see-that-coming moments.

So as we prepare to get comfy for the start of the 2016 series, here’s a sneaky peek of ten things you can expect to see on this year’s show.

1. Amanda throwing water over Simon Cowell
This does happen and we cannot WAIT! So, in the meantime, let’s enjoy Stephen Mulhern getting a soaking from Mandy during last year’s series. She’s certainly got form.
2. David’s mum standing in for Simon Cowell
Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick
Kathleen ‘took no prisoners’ apparently and well, it certainly beats that time Carmen Electra was a guest judge. Snooooooze.
3. A genuine heart-in-mouth moment
Want a truly death-defying, face-behind-the cushion moment? Well, you’re in for a treat as we’re promised just that with a sword-swallowing act, which Simon has described as ‘the scariest thing I have ever seen on a live stage’. And that’s from a man who was at Jedward’s ‘X Factor’ audition.
4. A singer with a stammer that will melt your heart
We all rooted for Gareth Gates when he appeared on ‘Pop Idol’ back in 2002 and overcame his stammer to go on and wow us all with his incredible voice. Norbett from Malta also has a stammer and has the judges in pieces, with what David Walliams describes as a ‘faultless’ performance.
5. David pressing his golden buzzer for a ridiculous act
Well, it happens every year and 2016 is set to be no different. Cue longshots of Simon Cowell with his head in his hands.
6. Alesha genuinely losing it over a little girl singing
Expect tears… LOTS of tears from the usually composed Ms. Dixon. In Alesha’s words, she has ‘a bit of a meltdown’ after witnessing one youngster singing her heart out. “I don’t know what it was about that little girl but for so many reasons that audition really spoke to me,” Alesha says.
7. A spot of same-sex ballroom dancing
Featuring some very special guests. No prizes for guessing which same sex duo we’re referring to (*coughs* Ant and Dec).
8. A polar bear on stage.
No, we don’t know why either.
9. And a dinosaur.
10. Lots of flesh
We’ll take six-packs over polar bears any day of the week, thanks, and David Walliams agrees. “This year we have got some prime man meat, and not just on the judging panel.”

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