04/05/2017 11:16 BST

'Britain's Got Talent' Star Sian Pattison Says Backlash Has Left Her 'Battered And Bruised'

'It’s put a massive dampener on what should have been a positive experience.'

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ star Sian Pattison has opened up about the backlash she’s faced since her audition aired over the weekend.

In the most recent episode of the ITV talent show, viewers saw Sian sail through the first round, thanks to her stirring rendition of ‘With You’ from the musical adaptation of ‘Ghost’.

Sian at the 'BGT' auditions

As the audition aired, she struck a particularly emotional chord with viewers as she revealed her 10-year-old daughter had filled out her application on her behalf, and her nerves saw her miss the beginning of the track.

However, some ‘BGT’ fans were unimpressed when it emerged that she had already worked as a professional singer, with some branding the audition a “con”.

Sian has now had her say on the controversy, admitting she’s finding the negative reception tough to deal with.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, Sian described how getting an apology from her daughter over the backlash hit her especially hard, explaining: What broke my heart, was that she felt in some way responsible and getting that apology from a place it should never have come from.

“I feel like I am being battered and bruised in all directions. It’s put a massive dampener on what should have been a positive experience.

“’Britain’s Got Talent’ were aware I had sung before and I have been honest and open about it. I’m a hard-working mum of three kids, never in a million years did I think I would see my face plastered all over these websites shrouded in negativity.

“I’ve felt that I couldn’t defend myself, I have that fear of making it worse, but should I really have to sit back and say nothing?”

Several of this year’s contestants have been marred in controversy, with two separate acts already being accused of copying their routines from other performers.

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ continues on Saturday (6 May) at 8pm on ITV.

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