08/05/2017 11:11 BST | Updated 08/05/2017 11:11 BST

Brothers Switch Photo In Stairway To Kim Jong-Un, Their Mum Doesn't Even Notice

Kids, ay? 😂

Two brothers played the ultimate practical joke on their mum and then witnessed it backfire spectacularly when she failed to even notice what they’d done. 

Jake Slater, from Derby, said his brother had switched a photo of himself in the family’s stairway to a picture of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. 

Sadly their hard work went to waste, as after two weeks of Jong-un hanging proudly on the wall next to the stairs, their mum still hadn’t noticed.

Slater shared a photo of the prank on Twitter, explaining what had happened.

Understandably people found it hilarious, leading to the tweet being shared almost 60,000 times and favourited more than 140,000 times. 

Others were quick to share similar pranks they’d pulled on family members. One person said they had switched a photo for a signed picture of Will from The Inbetweeners, while another had a picture of Nigel Farage sitting proudly on their mantlepiece. 

While most people simply commented on how the whole thing was hilarious, some were quick to point out that their mum had most likely spotted the photo swap but couldn’t be bothered to comment.

Regardless of whether she noticed it or not, hats off to her for having the most mum-like reaction ever. 

Also, kudos for giving the family pooch pride of place on the staircase too.