13/03/2017 15:53 GMT | Updated 21/03/2017 10:31 GMT

Bugatti's $4 Million Yacht Is So Rare You'll Probably Never It In Real Life

It's made from titanium and carbon fibre 😳


Bugatti, not content with making some of the most exclusive and technologically advanced cars in the world, are now in the yacht-building business.

What you’re looking at is probably one of the most exclusive status symbols on the planet. It’s called the Bugatti Niniette 66 and it’s essentially a $4m floating sculpture made out of titanium and carbon fibre that just so happens to double as a lightning fast hyperyacht.

While it clearly takes heavy design cues from Bugatti’s range of cars this yacht is a thing of beauty in its own right and indeed it might just be one of the best-looking boats we’ve ever seen. 


From the curving air intakes to the classic two-tone colour design this is in every way a Bugatti.

The extravagance of having a boat built out of carbon fibre and titanium is just the start with the Niniette.

On the deck you will find not only your very own fire pit for when those Caribbean nights get only slightly less than pleasantly warm.


Naturally if reclining by the fire isn’t your cup of tea then a hidden hot tub will magically appear from underneath one of the main seating areas providing you and your guests with a warmer, more pleasant example of what it is you’re actually floating in already.


Finally, once the evening’s festivities have ended you may want to spend the night rather than having to find a five-star hotel nearby. 


This is no problem because you see hidden within its streamlined shape is an absolutely vast bedroom coated almost exclusively in either leather or carbon fibre.


Once rested you may want to actually use your boat for well, boating, and thankfully Bugatti have made sure that this activity is just as enjoyable too.

You’ll find two carbon fibre sports seat on the upper deck, along with a classically inspired Bugatti steering wheel and an array of state-of-the-art instruments making sure that you’ll never get lost, even if you wanted to.


Not that you’ll ever need to know this but the boat is capable of 44 knots, has a vast V8 engine powering and a fuel capacity of 3,000 litres.

The Niniette 66 is just one of three ultra-exclusive yachts that will be built by renowned boat builders Palmer Johnson as part of a special partnership that will see the two companies produce a series of just three.

Considering this is the first of three, we’re really not sure how they’re going to top this...

Update: This article originally stated that the price was $2.2m, this was incorrect and has been edited to reflect the correct starting price of $4m.