Buying An Engagement Ring Online Like Mila Kunis: Everything You Need To Know


Telling people you bought your engagement ring online may not have the same romantic spin as telling them you spent hours and hours in the shops, but actress Mila Kunis has officially made it cool.

She admitted that she and husband Ashton Kutcher, bought their wedding rings online.

But when it comes to jewellery, things could get fraught. So if you fancy buying an engagement ring on the web, here’s what you should know.

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1. Buy with a reputable website

Jewellery websites have their reputation at risk and are usually covered by an insurance policy in case the item doesn’t get shipped, gets lost in the post or is falsely advertised.

Websites such as Etsy and other auction sites are more risky, but if you know what you are looking for, or (like Mila) you aren’t looking for expensive stones, these are a much better option.

2. Require a certificate of authenticity

If you’re buying diamonds from an online retailer, they should still be able to supply you with a certificate of authenticity for the stone.

The official diamond grading certificates are known as GIA, AGS or EGL certificates. They authenticate the diamond’s source, carat weight, cut, colour and clarity.

3. Get a second opinion

Whether you’re buying online or on the high street, never commit to a purchase until you’ve had a second opinion.

Chances are you will have looked at thousands of rings and it’s always good to make sure the one you’ve settled on is as good as you think it is...

This second opinion could be from a trusted friend, sibling or even your partner if you think that they would appreciate being included in the decision.

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