Caitlyn Jenner In Hot Water Over Joke About Shooting

'Isn't her 15 minutes over yet? Such an awful thing to say.'

Caitlyn Jenner has come under fire, after cracking a joke about a shooting that took place at a baseball game last week.

The Olympic-gold-medalist-turned-reality-star was speaking at the College Republican National Committee, when she shared her take on the shooting, which saw a gunman open fire on several prolific members of the Republican party on Wednesday (14 June).

Four people were injured in the shooting, which ended when the assailant was shot dead by the police.

Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner
Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

However, Caitlyn then attempted to lighten the mood by making an ill-advised joke about the shooting, remarking: “Fortunately the guy was a really bad shot… liberals can’t even shoot straight.”

Unsurprisingly, one of the celebrity world’s staunchest supporters of the Republican party making such a joke about a shooting did not sit well with people on social media, who were quick to call out the transgender activist’s remarks.

However, when the backlash began to take a transphobic turn, her critics were quick to point out that criticising her over her remark didn’t mean it was OK to call her gender or status as a trans person into question.

HuffPost UK has reached out to Caitlyn Jenner’s spokesperson for comment.

Since coming out as trans in 2015, Caitlyn has repeatedly been forced to defend her Conservative views, which was a recurring theme on her E! series, ‘I Am Cait’.

It was recently reported that she could be about to become the highest-paid ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate ever, ahead of this summer’s series of the Channel 5 reality show.


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