Caitlyn Jenner Sees Herself In A Wedding Dress For The First Time

She was pretty freaked out.

Caitlyn Jenner may have been married three times, but she felt she always had to wear "the most boring clothes in life" on her wedding days.

Determined to see what she was missing, in the latest episode of 'I Am Cait' the Olympic gold medallist tried on a wedding dress just for fun.

I Am Cait/E!

In a teaser for the show, Jenner can be seen kidding around with her gal pals, before staring at her own reflection in shock.

"Oh, Jesus Christ! Oh, my God," she says. "What do you think? I think we need to pose."

Speaking about not having to wear a tuxedo, Jenner jokes: "Finally, I get to wear something comfortable."

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