15/01/2018 11:02 GMT

'Call The Midwife' Star Victoria Yeates Admits Discomfort Over Racist Term In New Series

'I did it because it's the period. But it felt vile.'

‘Call The Midwife’ actress Victoria Yeates has admitted her discomfort at the use of an outdated racist term in an upcoming episode of the BBC period drama.

Victoria plays Sister Winifred in the show, who in a new episode is heard discussing the impending arrival of a new midwife from Jamaica - Lucille - anticipating that she could ruffle some feathers.

Victoria Yeates in character on 'Call The Midwife'
Leonie Elliott has joined the show for its seventh series

The new series of ‘Call The Midwife’ starts on BBC One this Sunday (21 January) and introduces newcomer to the show Leonie Elliott, who plays the aforementioned Lucille Anderson.

Fans may recognise the actress from previous appearances in ‘Black Mirror’, ‘Danny And The Human Zoo’ and ‘Wondrous Oblivion’.