Calls For Labour MPs To Be Banned From Parliament Bar Popular With Young Staff

John Mann to ask PLP to approve new rules.

Labour MPs could be banned by their party from drinking in one of parliament’s bars following a series of sexual harassment claims against MPs and ministers.

The allegations of inappropriate behaviour that have rocked Westminster have already led to the resignation of Sir Michael Fallon as defence secretary.

Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins was suspended from the party on Thursday evening over allegations about his behaviour towards a young activist.

Jeremy Corbyn is facing questions over why Hopkins was promoted to the shadow cabinet after a complaint against him had been made.

Labour MP John Mann will ask the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) to introduce a new code of conduct to try and prevent staff members being subject to unwanted advances.

One of his demands is that Labour MPs be prevented from visiting the Sports and Social bar in parliament - a pub popular with young staff.

Mann also wants a MPs to be given compulsory management training and for a clear system of warnings for those who breach the rules.

MPs found to have sexually assaulted or harassed people should also be properly held to account, Mann said.

He said punishments should include a public apologies, community service and an agreement to stand down at the next election.

Writing on LabourList, he said: “The Labour Party has always prided itself on supporting the most vulnerable in society but, in these cases, the party has not responded appropriately and have instead turned their backs on those who seek help.”

Tory MP Nadine Dorries said all the bars on the parliamentary estate should be shut down.

Labour MP Jess Phillips told BBC Radio 4′s Today programme this morning that it appeared the allegations against Hopkins were not taken as “seriously as it needed to be taken”.

Hopkins, 76, has been an MP for 20 years and has remained on the backbenches except for a four month stint as culture spokesman last year.


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