This Calvin Klein Jumper Is Winter's Answer To The Nearly-Naked Dress

Try this jumper at the Xmas family gathering.

Calvin Klein is selling see-through jumpers now, and to be honest we’re not surprised.

The idea of haute couture is about luxury and decadence, and what’s more decadent than wearing a jumper that isn’t actually there? After all, it was good enough for the Emperor.

The see-through panels are made up of polyamide (75%) and elastane (25%), so technically you are wearing something. But still.

The unusual creation is available on at €1,810.

That’s over £1,500, so you know it’s legit.

Calvin Klein

Described as the ‘multicolour wool cheerleader sweater,’ the jumper’s name has more content than the product itself.

Perhaps this is all part of a cunning plan to save on manufacturing costs. In which case, count me out.

Sleeves look nice though...

Calvin Klein

Even the model looks slightly bored with the Extra-ness of it all.

Maybe he’s just caught a chill and is not about that 9-5 rn.

Calvin Klein

In case you were wondering, it’s a unisex jumper.

Ladies, this means you can rock this ‘edgy’ look while reviving the great see-through-blouse-and-cute-bra trend of ’08.


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