Candace Cameron Bure Has 'Full House' Co-Star Dave Coulier To Thank For Her Marriage

Just Another Reason To Love 'Full House's' Uncle Joey

Did anyone expect Uncle Joey to be such a great matchmaker?

Actor Dave Coulier played a perfect Cupid for his "Full House" co-star Candace Cameron Bure when he introduced her to her future husband Valeri Bure, and the actress recounted the tale to HuffPost Live during a conversation about her new Hallmark film "Christmas Under Wraps."

The love connection came during the final year of "Full House," she explained:

[Coulier] was playing in a charity hockey game, and so he said, "Hey, there are these two really good Russian hockey players." It was Val and his brother Pavel [Bure]. He invited me to the game, he invited the whole cast, and I went with Lori Loughlin [who played Aunt Becky] and we sat there and were looking at these two really cute boys -- two cute men, I guess -- on the ice, and I was like, "I want to meet that one, the blonde one," which was Val. And that was it.

After the couple was introduced, they went on a date the very next day and were engaged in less than a year. And they made sure to thank the man who made it all happen.

"Dave Coulier still has a hockey stick that my husband signed for him that says, 'Thanks for Candace,'" she said.

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