Candace Cameron Bure Discusses How She'd Handle A Gay Plot Line On 'Fuller House'

The conservative actress opens up about the highly anticipated Netflix series.
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Candace Cameron Bure might be vocal about her conservative viewpoints on "The View," but she says they won't affect her involvement in storylines on "Fuller House."

The actress will reprise the role of DJ Tanner in the upcoming Netflix series based on the hit 90s show. On Sunday, she appeared on a Television Critics Association (TCA) panel with co-stars Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber and executive producers Jeff Franklin and Robert Boyett. When the subject of LGBT-inclusive storylines -- specifically marriage equality -- came up, Franklin said it's a possibility and Bure was pushed on her stance.

“I’m always defending religious freedom and that’s what I was talking about on 'The View.' I didn’t describe my personal feelings about [marriage equality],” she said. “But I’m an actress on a television show and I support all things that we go through as human beings and would love all our characters to explore whatever issues that are current in our culture and our society today and I’m 100% on board with that.”

Bure, a conservative Christian and sister of Kirk Cameron, has been vocal in her defense of bakeries that deny LGBT customers wedding cakes. She has described the issue as one of "freedom of association" and "constitutional rights."

"Fuller House" will be released on Netflix Friday, Feb. 26.

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