Captain Tom Gets Cheeky With Amanda Holden After Saying He Preferred Susanna Reid

There was a twinkle in the war veteran's eye as he appeared on Amanda's Heart Breakfast show.

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Captain Tom Moore had to jokingly beg for Amanda Holden’s forgiveness as he appeared on her Heart Breakfast show on Friday.

The war veteran – who raised more than £30 million for the NHS by walking laps of his garden last month – got cheeky with Amanda after previously admitting he preferred Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid.

And Amanda was definitely not about to let the matter lie, following Captain Tom’s appearance on Thursday’s GMB, during which Piers Morgan asked him to choose between his co-host and the Britain’s Got Talent judge.

Amanda Holden and Captain Tom on Heart Breakfast
Amanda Holden and Captain Tom on Heart Breakfast

“I’ve missed you Tom, I’m not going to lie, but I do have something to ask you,” she said.

Heart Breakfast co-host Jamie Theakston continued: “You’re being nice and friendly to Amanda but you were on television yesterday morning with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, and Piers asked you who your favourite was.”

As Jamie then played the clip, Amanda said Tom had “broken her heart” by picking Susanna.

“It was a mistake!” 🙈#ColonelTomMoore begs @AmandaHolden for forgiveness after saying he fancied Susannah Reid more than her 👀😂@JamieTheakston @AmandaHolden @piersmorgan @susannareid100 @captaintommoore |

— Heart (@thisisheart) May 15, 2020

“It was a mistake in transmission!” he cheekily replied. “The wrong name had got across.”

Amanda said: “I’m so relieved! It’s that naughty Piers. He puts so much pressure on politicians, and now you.

“I’m thrilled to hear our love still exists. I’m so relieved to hear I’m still your number one, today anyway.”

Jamie then asked Tom if he finds it “difficult to juggle two girlfriends at the same time”.

“You’re not allowed to ask that, that’s a private matter,” he joked.

Heart Breakfast airs weekdays from 6.30am to 10am.


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