13/09/2016 14:52 BST | Updated 13/09/2016 17:21 BST

Caroline Flack Clarifies 'Rolled-Up Bank Note' In Instagram Photo (Turns Out It's A Crayon)

She's been forced to explain herself after fans' imaginations ran wild.

Caroline Flack has cleared up confusion surrounding a photo she put on Instagram, after fans confused a crayon with a rolled-up bank note.

Two weeks ago, Caroline shared a photo of herself enjoying a poker night on her Instagram page, but fans’ eyes were immediately drawn to what looked like a bank note on the table in front of her, next to a credit card.

As her followers began speculating about what exactly it was, Caroline was quick to offer the response that the object in question was actually a “child’s crayon”, in the comments on the pic.

Poker night

A photo posted by Caroline ❤️ (@carolineflack) on

However, when more and more people began to take notice of the snap, Caroline posted another photo online, this time a close-up of the “crayon” (although she might want to take a trip to WHSmiths, because that’s actually a marker pen).

Addressing one news outlet who’d run a story speculating about the alleged bank note, she captioned the pic with the rather blunt message: “It’s a pen you twits.”

Well, that settles that. As you were.

A source tells Now magazine: “Caroline uploaded that picture herself.

“As soon as people started commenting and suggesting people were taking drugs, despite the fact that the picture clearly shows a pen on the table, she panicked and started deleting the comments.”

Of course, this is far from the first time Caroline has caused fans to do a double take with her Instagram activity.

Last year, she shocked fans by uploading a selfie in which she inadvertently revealed her nipple to her followers, which disappeared from her page almost as quickly as it was posted, only to resurface hours later, in a more cropped form.

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