‘Catchphrase’ Celebs Fail To Get The Right Answer Even After They’ve Been Told The Right Answer


As facepalm-inducing game show moments go, Saturday’s episode of ‘Catchphrase’ is right up there.

Isn’t that right, Stormzy?

The UK musician couldn’t quite believe what was unfolding on the celebrity edition of the ITV show, and neither could anyone else.

For the uninitiated, contestants are tasked with watching animated clips in order to come up with a well known phrase or saying.

Saturday’s celeb edition featured comedian Jimmy Carr, Paralympian swimmer Ellie Simmonds and ‘Cold Feet’ star Fay Ripley.

During one toe-curling round, Jimmy gave the incorrect answer before then shouting out the right answer.

After host Stephen Mulhern told him he had to accept his first answer, he had basically gifted Ellie and Fay some easy cash for their chosen charity.

Well, you’d think, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately, both Ellie and Faye then failed to give the right answer.

'Catchphrase' host Stephen Mulhern
'Catchphrase' host Stephen Mulhern

Cue host Stephen Mulhern - and the rest of the country - banging his head against the set wall.

Watch the clip above and we reckon you might be doing the same.

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