26/11/2018 10:15 GMT

MoggleBox: These Cats Watching The Dynasties Lions Will Make Your Monday

Cats and their humans were transfixed by Sunday night's show 😸

Last night’s Dynasties episode made Disney’s The Lion King look like a walk in the park. The third episode in the new David Attenborough series focused on a lioness called Charm and her ongoing battles to keep her pride alive.

The matriarch had been deserted by other male lions from the pack and was left to keep her brood safe and sound. There were highs and plenty of lows, including when one of her young cubs died after eating poisoned bait used by farmers to protect their livestock.

It wasn’t just the human population that was absolutely gripped by the show. Cats across the UK were obsessed by the plight of their long-distance cousins.

And as if that isn’t adorable enough, some members of the canine family were utterly transfixed by the lions too. #Solidarity

So far the show has followed David, a chimpanzee alpha in Senegal, who tries to overcome threats to his leadership, as well as a colony of emperor penguins in Antarctica who struggle to stay alive through the winter. 

Next Sunday it’s all about the plight of the painted wolf. Warn your doggos, it’s going to be emotional.