‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Campaigners Call For Show To Be Axed Over ‘Soft Porn’ Sex Scenes And Full Frontal Nudity

'The Internet means nudity is on the air 24 hours a day.'

Campaigners are calling for ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ to be axed after the current series’ sex scenes and full frontal nudity.

Despite the Channel 5 show going out after the 9pm watershed, Mediawatch UK are concerned that children can still download the show online and watch it on demand.

<strong>Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan's antics in the house have raised eyebrows.</strong>
Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan's antics in the house have raised eyebrows.
Channel 5

Tuesday night’s show saw Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan indulging in a very steamy PDA in the garden, putting on a raunchy show for their ‘CBB’ housemates.

Channel 5

Former ‘X Factor’ star Chloe straddled him, wearing nothing but tight pink leggings and a bra after lathering him up with oil.

“Can you feel the tension, I’m under a lot of stress,” he joked. “This is one of the best days of my life.”

“Would you miss me?, Chloe asked him, as she began bouncing up and down on his lap. “So much,” he replied.

The rest of the housemates gathered in the garden to observe the action, with Katie Waissel exclaiming: “I’m watching soft porn, this is crazy.”

Fellow housemates Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor have previously paraded around the house bathroom completely naked before making their way into the shower and appearing to have sex.

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