'Celebrity Big Brother': Bear, Chloe, Marnie And Lewis' Antics Prompt Other Housemates To Threaten To Strike

The latest episode saw Chloe Khan perform a topless pole dance.

Many of the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates have threatened to go on strike, having become increasingly frustrated by Stephen Bear, Chloe Khan, Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor.

Wednesday’s (10 August) episode of the Channel 5 reality show saw the foursome getting up to more raunchy antics, as Chloe put on a topless pole dance in the garden, while Marnie and Bear destroyed plants as they jumped over one another.

<strong>Some of the housemates have threatened to go on strike</strong>
Some of the housemates have threatened to go on strike
Channel 5

They then headed to the bedroom, where Lewis preceded to walk around naked, as the others threw cake around the room.

It wasn’t long before a row erupted between them and Heavy D, who was trying to sleep, with the rest of the house then deciding to take matters into their own hands.

<strong>Chloe performed a topless pole dance</strong>
Chloe performed a topless pole dance
Channel 5

Led by James Whale, Samantha Fox, Aubrey O’Day, Frankie Grande, Katie Waissel and Ricky Norwood headed to the Diary Room to complain to Big Brother.

“We can’t go on like this… we all want to leave,” James told them.

“There are four protagonists and they have over stepped the line tonight. This could be the first strike in the history of ‘Big Brother’ and I’m very Right wing!”

<strong>Marnie and Bear destroyed plants in the garden</strong>
Marnie and Bear destroyed plants in the garden
Channel 5
<strong>Lewis also walked around the bedroom naked</strong>
Lewis also walked around the bedroom naked
Channel 5

It wouldn’t be the first strike the ‘BB’ house has ever seen though, as Vanessa Feltz famously refused to speak and scrawled on the dining room table during the first series, and John McCricick also staged several vows of silence during his two stints on the show.

The civilian contestants during the fifth series of ‘Big Brother’ in 2004 also staged a silent protest, when Stuart Wilson’s cowboy hat was confiscated.

However, it remains to be seen if this batch of contestants will carry through with their threat.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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