'Celebrity Big Brother': Kim Woodburn And James Jordan Clash In Furious Row

'Don’t demean me because I’m a cleaner, you fat slob!'

From the minute Kim Woodburn was unveiled as a new ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate, we knew there would be a clash with James Jordan - and sure enough, the inevitable has happened.

The pair came to blows in spectacular style on Sunday (15 January) night’s show, as they argued over Jedward.

James was annoyed with the twins when he discovered they had told the group that he was responsible for messing the house up the night before.

Channel 5

After waking them up so he could confront them in front of the rest of the housemates, Kim attempted to defend them, prompting James to tell her to mind her own business.

The ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ star snapped at him, claiming unlike him she isn’t trying to win the show. “And by God are you trying,” she said.

As James told her to “go and do some cleaning”, she snapped and referenced his sacking from ‘Strictly’.

“Don’t demean me cos I’m a cleaner, you fat slob!” she raged.

“You’re a rude, nasty man, who is a brilliant dancer but have ruined your career because you can’t stop being rude.”

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Nicola McLean was forced to drag James away from the argument, and it soon became clear Kim was affected by James’ words.

Verging on tears, she explained her side of things to Jedward, while Jessica Cunningham went out to tell James that Kim was upset.

But the dancer seemed not to care, as he continued to laugh about the row with Nicola and Jamie O’Hara.

“What’s wrong with me saying go do some washing up?” he asked.

However, it seemed like people on Twitter were Team Kim, calling James out for being “sexist”.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ continues on Monday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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