'Celebrity Big Brother' Edits One Housemate Out Of 'All Star And New Star' Series

Well that's awkward.

Celebrity Big Brother’ has kicked off with a twist, as US singer Stacey Francis has been ‘edited out’ of the show by her housemates.

The ‘All Stars And New Stars’ series of the Channel 5 reality show launched on Tuesday (3 January), with a host of former contestants joined by some new famous faces in the Elstree compound.

Channel 5

In the launch night twist, the All Star housemates - including the likes of James Jordan, Coleen Nolan and Speidi - were made the ‘producers’ of the series, and entered a separate production office, away from the New Stars.

While in there, they were tasked with picking out which of the newbies the thought would be the least entertaining and should be ‘edited out’ of the show.

The group ended up choosing ‘X Factor USA’ star Stacy, claiming they believed she would be more entertaining as a result, as she would “kick off”.

The 'All Stars' had to pick a housemate to be edited out
The 'All Stars' had to pick a housemate to be edited out
Channel 5

Big Brother then informed her she would not receive her possessions, have to wear a beige tracksuit at all times and would be edited out of all key events in the house.

Host Emma Willis later announced the All Stars would be choosing another housemate to join Stacey in being edited out over the coming days.

She then informed viewers two new housemates would be entering the house in a live show on Friday.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ continues on Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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