Stephen Bear's Outburst Riles 'Celebrity Big Brother' Fans, Who Are Calling For Him To Be Removed

'Where is the justice in this series?'

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ fans are once again unhappy with the show, this time suggesting that show bosses have been too lenient with Stephen Bear.

In Thursday’s (4 August), viewers saw Bear fly off the handle in a furious rant, during which he smashed a mirror by throwing a mug at it and aggressively argued with producers in the Diary Room.

Eventually, security were called into the house to curb his aggressive behaviour, with producers ultimately issuing Bear with a formal warning, insisting that he spend the night in a private room away from the rest of the housemates.

<strong>Bear fumes in the Diary Room</strong>
Bear fumes in the Diary Room
Channel 5

However, after the episode aired, viewers argued that Bear was getting off too lightly with his punishment, with many even calling him to be removed completely:

Meanwhile, others have argued that a formal warning was fitting for Bear’s behaviour, particularly in comparison to the way other housemates have behaved:

Truthfully, we think this short clip says it all:

This isn’t the first time this series that viewers have complained that bosses are letting the celebrity contestants get away with too much.

Marnie Simpson was the first housemate to really ruffle feathers, with viewers calling for her to be removed when she flashed her breasts at Saira Khan during a row.

See the aftermath of Bear’s outburst in Friday’s (5 August) ‘CBB’, kicking off at 9pm on Channel 5.

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