28/08/2016 08:59 BST

'Celebrity Big Brother' Winner Stephen Bear Says He Was 'Picked On' In House

He's also taken a pop at 'CBB' fans who are disappointed with his win.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ winner Stephen Bear certainly raised eyebrows during his controversial time in the house, but despite repeatedly being warned for his unacceptable conduct, he’s insisted that he was actually being “picked on” on the show.

Hmmmmm… that’s not quite how we remember it, but let’s see what he has to say.

Speaking to the Daily Star following his victory, Bear explained: I was picked on from the beginning. [The housemates] didn’t know how to take me as a person.”

Ian West/PA Wire
Bear after winning 'CBB'

Bear has also taken a pop at ‘CBB’ viewers who are unhappy with him having been named the winner, claiming he has people’s attitude towards him “pathetic”.

He fumed: “I’ve won this whole competition and people still don’t want to like me. I think it’s pathetic. It seems to me that everyone doesn’t like me being the winner and I don’t know why. I should be celebrating, but people keep being horrible.

“I was the only genuine one. I was the only person that showed genuine emotion and said what I believed in. That’s probably why I won. I was the underdog.”

During his ‘CBB’ stay, fans grew angry with Bear’s antics, and many even accused producers of manipulating footage to give him a positive edit, by not showing the extent of his bad behaviour or the fact he was being reprimanded by Big Brother in the Diary Room.

Even ‘CBB’ presenter Emma Willis struggled to mask her frustration with Bear during his exit interview, at one point having to interrupt to tell him to “shut up” so she could ask her questions.

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