Celebrity Big Brother's Calum Best Blames Unseen Ear Infection For Mood Change That Led To His Eviction

'They obviously don’t show those kind of things but it was wrecking me.'

Calum Best has admitted he was gutted to have been evicted from ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on Tuesday (31 January), blaming his departure from the show on a previously undisclosed illness.

He has revealed that for the last 10 days of his ‘CBB’ stint, he’d been suffering from an ear infection, that was seriously affecting his wellbeing in the house.

According to Calum, this is why his mood took a nosedive in the past week, turning him from the house’s resident Mr Cool into someone who frequently lost his temper, particularly with Jedward.

Calum Best leaves the 'CBB' house
Calum Best leaves the 'CBB' house
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Speaking to Emma Willis, he explained: “The whole experience was starting to drain me and I was exhausted by the past few days.

“We had a task and people were telling me for the past two weeks they hadn’t seen me as I’d been so boring.

“I couldn’t [say] that for the past eight to ten days I’d had an ear infection that was killing me and I wanted to sleep it off. They obviously don’t show those kind of things but it was wrecking me.”

Calum opens up to Emma Willis
Calum opens up to Emma Willis

Calum continued: “I felt if I wasn’t aired I wasn’t getting much time. So that started to frustrate me and play on my mind.

“Jedward, bless them, they are so good in so many ways but at points when I’m trying to sleep at two in the morning and they’re singing at the top of their lungs… they enjoy themselves but I feel sometimes they don’t give that respect back and I think to live in a happy house there has to be mutual respect all around.

“That night I lost it [with them] which obviously didn’t work in my favour as I can tell they are very liked.”

Calum and Jedward come to blows
Calum and Jedward come to blows

Just under four weeks on from this year’s ‘CBB’ launch, we’re now just days away from the live final, with six contestants remaining in the house.

Voting is now open for fans to decide whether it’ll be an ‘All Star’ or a ‘New Star’ who succeeds Stephen Bear on the ‘CBB’ throne, with producers reportedly already lining up talent for this summer’s series.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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