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'Celebrity Big Brother': Calum Best's Reaction To Mum Angie's Entrance Was Pretty Special

'Is that my mum?!'

Just imagine, you’re all prepped for your second time on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. You’re looking good, you’re feeling excited, you’ve basically got this in the bag.

Then five minutes later, you’re watching on a monitor as your mother follows you into the house.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Calum Best during this year’s ‘CBB’ launch, as he discovered that the last housemate to enter the house was none other than his mum, Angie.

Channel 5
'Hmmm... she seems awfully familiar'

Calum - who finished in third place back in January 2015 - was the final ‘All Star’ to enter the house in Tuesday’s (3 January) live show, and was quickly told by Emma Willis that he had a special mission on his hands to judge the ‘New Stars’ via a plasma screen, alongside his fellow returning stars.

What he clearly wasn’t expecting was that his mother, Angie, was one of the seven ‘New Stars’, and couldn’t mask his shock as he saw her greeting the rest of the contestants next door.

Channel 5
The penny is starting to drop

Starting with a slightly confused utterance of “is that my mum?”, Calum’s emotions quickly ran through shock to amusement, and then back through to shock again.

The man could barely keep his chewing gum in his mouth, for crying out loud.

Channel 5
Yes, Calum. That's your mum

Angie was ultimately spared being “edited out” of the show by the ‘All Stars’ (we didn’t see that coming…), but it was bad news for newbie Stacy Francis, who was forced to leave the room as the returning and new contestants met for the first time.

Mother and son were then reunited when Calum made his way from the “production room” next door to greet the rest of his housemates, and wasted no time in jokingly telling his mum: “You must be so crazy!

“I’m going to disown you as a mother. I’m going to disown you”

Channel 5
Fortunately, Calum saw the funny side

Find out how Stacy is getting on as the house outcast - and how Calum copes with his mum in the ‘CBB’ bedroom with him - in the first highlights show of the new series, airing on Wednesday (4 January) at 9pm on Channel 5.

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