'Celebrity Big Brother': Chloe Khan Addresses Stephen Bear 'Sex' Claims

She's explained whathappened in the house.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ evictee Chloe Khan has set the record straight about what really went on between herself and Stephen Bear during their time in the house.

The current series of ‘CBB’ has proved to be one of the most shocking to date, thanks in no small part to the antics of its contestants, including Chloe, who grew close to Bear before her eviction last week.

However, while viewers were quick to suspect the pair might have gone all the way while they were alone in the toilet - the only place in the ‘CBB’ house there are no cameras - Chloe has now insisted that this was not the case.

<strong>Bear and Chloe</strong>
Bear and Chloe
Channel 5

Appearing on Monday’s (15 August) ‘This Morning’, she insisted that producers “turned their microphones right up” making it seem like more was going on than actually was, adding: “When I first came out I didn’t know about all these headlines and stuff. I didn’t know this had been said. I’ve just spent a couple of days Googling and going over everything.

“We honestly didn’t do as much as people said. In fact, a lot less. And I think it’s a shame that was behind a closed door then, because you couldn’t see.”

<strong>Chloe on 'This Morning'</strong>
Chloe on 'This Morning'

Presenter Eamonn Holmes then interjected that the two must have had “terrible constipation” in the ‘CBB’ toilet, cheekily joking: “It must have been so painful.. the groans!”

<strong>Eamonn truly 'brings the lols'</strong>
Eamonn truly 'brings the lols'

Chloe also put some of her behaviour down to the fact the house felt like living “in a big party”, insisting: “I am very good at keeping my home life and my work life very separate, and I think I saw ‘Big Brother’ more as a job and more of that kind of vibe than family life.”

Since her eviction last week, Chloe has spoken highly of Bear, insisting she thinks he’s the “most genuine” of the remaining housemates, despite his less-than-glowing reputation within the house.

Watch her full interview below:

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