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'Celebrity Big Brother': Drag Queen Star Courtney Act Reveals She's Been Allowed Twice As Many Bags As Her Housemates (EXCLUSIVE)

This puts Katie Price and her secret blow-dries to shame.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ bosses waived one of their rules for new arrival Courtney Act, she has revealed.

Usually, ‘CBB’ contestants are only allowed two suitcases’ worth of luggage for their stay in the house, but prior to her arrival, she was told that she’d be given twice as much allowance as her fellow housemates, to accommodate all the drag she intends to bring into the house.

However, speaking to HuffPost UK before entering the house, Courtney said: “I’ve got so many great outfits, I’ve been allowed four bags, whereas everybody else gets two, because I’m dressing for two genders… I’ve got so many great costumes and I wanna wear them all.”

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Courtney Act

She also joked, referencing this series’ ‘Year Of The Woman’ twist: “Male privilege is alive and well.”

When we asked how some of her more conservative housemates, namely Ann Widdecombe, might react to her emerging from the ‘CBB’ bedroom in full drag, Courtney said: “How could you not love it? It looks so pretty and so fun and there are so many sparkles! If you don’t have an appreciation for things that sparkle - then we’re going to have a problem.”

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Shane Jenek aka Courtney Act in and out of drag

The drag performer, real name Shane Jenek, is one of eight male stars who arrived in the ‘CBB’ house on Friday (5 January).

Eight women entered earlier in the week, as part of the ‘Year Of The Woman’ twist.

Courtney is best known for being a finalist on the sixth series of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, having previously starred in ‘Australian Idol’.

Read our full interview with Courtney, in which she discusses how she plans to deal with living with Ann Widdecombe and throws some serious shade at former contestant (and ‘Drag Race’ judge) Michelle Visage.

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