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'Celebrity Big Brother' Viewers Blast 'Sexist' Dapper Laughs, Johnny Mitchell And Andrew Brady After Discussion About Female Housemates

'He is not doing a good job of changing people's perception.'

Dapper Laughs doesn’t look like he is winning any new fans on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, with viewers blasting a “sexist” conversation he was at the centre of in Tuesday night’s (9 January) shiw. 

‘CBB’ viewers were unimpressed with the so-called comedian and his fellow contestants Johnny Mitchell and Andrew Brady, following a discussion about which of their female housemates they would like to “bang”.

As the three hung out in the sauna together, Dapper Laughs - real name Daniel Reilly - asked the other two: “Look if you had to pick Ashley [James], Jess [Impiazzi] or Malika [Haqq] which one would you go for? To hook up with – for one night?”

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Johnny, Daniel and Andrew chatted about the girls in the sauna

After they both opted for Jess, Andrew explained: “Looks-wise, Jess. She’d be my wifey, wouldn’t she? I don’t know, they’re all fit, man. I’d bang them all.”

Dabiel added: “For one night, I reckon Ashley. She looks like she knows to handle herself. That’s all I’m saying.”

“Why would you only have her for one night, though?” Andrew asked, to which Daniel responded: “You’d have to recover after that. You’re not going to put a great performance in.”

As the conversation continued, fans on Twitter grew more irate, blasting the three for their choice of words, particularly as this series is supposed to be a celebration of women:

In 2014, Dapper Laughs found himself at the centre of controversy when he joked a woman was “gagging for rape”.

He then spent a year defending himself, attempting to do so via an interview with campaigner Caroline Criado-Perezanother in The Sunday Times and, of course, there was his infamous ‘Newsnight’ appearance.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ continues on Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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