‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Dapper Laughs’ Potential Arrival Has Already Caused A Stir Among Fans


‘Celebrity Big Brother’ kicked off earlier this week and, as fans will know, this series is apparently all about celebrating women.

As it marks 100 years since (some) women in Britain won the right to vote for the first time, the series started with an all-female line-up and on Friday (5 December), they’ll be joined by a some male housemates.

So who’s going in, you ask? Channel 5 have confirmed that John Barnes will be among them and while the rest of names are yet to officially be revealed, The Sun has claimed Dapper Laughs will probably be among them.

Yes, Dapper Laughs, the one-time Vine star who hit headlines when he joked a woman was “gagging for rape” in 2014.

2014's most famous Turtleneck
2014's most famous Turtleneck

Dapper - real name Daniel O’Reilly - then spent a year defending himself, attempting to do so via an interview with campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez, another in The Sunday Times and, of course, there was his infamous ‘Newsnight’ appearance.

And how has news of his imminent arrival gone down? Hmm. See for yourself…

We may be just days into the new series, but the usual conveyor belt of controversies is already in action.

The first came in the form of a conversation about Harvey Weinstein, during which Ann Widdecombe suggested his alleged victims “had a choice”.

India Willoughby is also facing criticism, for stating that drag stars, including RuPaul - who she singled out for a mention - “cheapens the seriousness” of what it means to be a trans person.

Boxer Chris Eubank.

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