17/01/2018 10:25 GMT

'Celebrity Big Brother': Daniel O'Reilly Proves Dapper Laughs Is Alive And Well As Viewers Pan 'Lesbians' Jibe

He's up to his old tricks, and 'CBB' fans aren't having it.

Comedian Daniel O’Reilly entered the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house claiming he was determined to kill off his offensive Dapper Laughs persona once and for all.

However, he’s going to have to work a lot harder than he has been, if he wants ‘CBB’ fans to forget about his past.

Despite claiming in his entrance VT that he was a “different person” now, his behaviour in the house has repeatedly raised eyebrows, and last night’s (16 January) show was no exception.

Dapper Laughs

Viewers were unimpressed when Daniel Dapper Laughs branded fellow housemates Jess Impiazzi and Ashley James “fucking lesbians” after it was revealed that neither of them have said they would date him.

The comment has led to the former Vine star facing accusations of both homophobia and misogyny on Twitter:

Earlier in the series, Dapper Laughs’ so-called “banter” about the women in the house with fellow contestants Andrew Brady and Jonny Mitchell was poorly received.

He is currently facing eviction alongside four of his housemates, with two celebrities set to get the boot on Friday (19 January).

Dapper Laughs first rose to prominence in 2014, with the ITV2 show dating show ‘Dapper Laughs: On The Pull’.

The show was heavily criticised for its portrayal of women, and at the height of the backlash, a clip of him claiming an audience member at one of his stand-up shows was “gagging for a rape” went viral, prompting ITV to axe the show.

Following this, he appeared under his real name in an infamous ‘Newsnight’ interview, during which he claimed he’d killed his comic character off, but ultimately resurrected him in the months that followed.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs every night on Channel 5.

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