12/01/2017 12:22 GMT

'Celebrity Big Brother': Tiffany Pollard's 'David's Dead' Moment Aired One Year Ago

We're still not over this.

It’s officially been a year since the reality TV moment so outrageous, we still question whether or not we dreamed it.

First, a bit of context.

In January 2016, the world was mourning the loss of David Bowie, who had died at the age of 69, following a private battle with liver cancer.

Well, apart from a group of people in Borehamwood, that is, who were living in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house at the time.

Channel 5
This was the beginning

Among them was David’s ex, Angie Bowie, who producers chose to notify about the news, giving her the option of leaving via the back door.

She chose to stay, though, and in a quiet moment, confided in fellow housemate Tiffany Pollard about her loss.

What happened next was certainly one of the most shocking TV moments of 2016, if not the entire history of ‘CBB’.

You see, contestant David Gest had been feeling rather under the weather, so when Angie whispered “David’s dead”, Tiffany feared the worst, and had a rather hysterical reaction.

Channel 5
Darren Day offers a shoulder

This led to a farcical series of events almost Shakespearean in nature, with Tiffany frantically explaining her version of events, Darren Day pulling back the duvet to reveal David Gest alive and well, and Gemma Collins watching the whole thing with a face like thunder.

Channel 5
That was our reaction too, to be honest

Adding to the comedy, the only person who knew the truth - John Partridge - was unable to calm the situation as he was in the shower, meaning he had to come out and try to restore some class of order with a towel knotted around his waist.

Channel 5
It's hard to maintain authority when you're wearing a towel, but John tried his best

The moment led to a string of complaints to Ofcom, contributing to ‘CBB’ becoming the most complained-about show of 2016.

Relive the horror and hilarity in the video above.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is currently airing nightly on Channel 5.

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