'Celebrity Big Brother': The 'Edited Out' Twist Has Been Explained

And yes, it involves nominations.

Anyone watching the current series of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ might be a little confused as to what all this “editing out” business is about, but we finally have an explanation.

Despite the fact that the contestants who are chosen to be “edited out” are supposed to be absentees from main house events, Stacy Francis has pretty much dominated the show so far, whether it’s for her turbulent past with Ray J or her rows with Heidi Montag.

So, what exactly is the point of it all?

Stacy and James C were the first two housemates to be 'edited out'
Stacy and James C were the first two housemates to be 'edited out'

Well, it’s now been revealed that the “edited out” housemates will not be able to nominate in the first round of votes this year.

So far, the ‘All Stars’ have chosen to exclude Stacy, Brandon Block and James Cosmos, and in Friday’s (6 January) highlights show, Bianca Gascoigne and Ray J will join them.

This means that of the seven ‘New Stars’, only Jamie O’Hara and Angie Best will have the power to nominate, as will all of the ‘All Star’ housemates.

There's bad news ahead for Bianca
There's bad news ahead for Bianca

Rylan Clark-Neal explained during Thursday’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’: “Stacy, James C, Brandon, Bianca and Ray J will all lose their power of nominations.

“To confirm, they won’t be able to nominate in the first set of nominations.”

This nominations twist isn’t the only shock in store for the current crop of contestants, though, and in Friday’s live show there’ll be two new additions to the house.

Although Channel 5 is yet to confirm the newcomers’ identities, rumoured contestants who wound up not appearing in the line-up earlier this week include Jedward, Sam Callahan and Lauren Harries.

Jonathan Cheban has ruled himself out of returning, after it was widely claimed he’d be entering the house to confront Ray J, his best friend Kim Kardashian’s ex.

‘CBB’ continues on Friday at 9pm on Channel 5.


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