'Celebrity Big Brother': 12 Most Memorable Entrances Ever

From Jackie Stallone and Pete Burns to Katie Price and Angie Best
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They say that first impressions are everything, and this is definitely the case when you’re on a reality series like ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

If you want to go the distance, you have to stand out from the get-go, which in the world of ‘CBB’ means knowing how to make an entrance.

Fortunately, this lot had it in the bag…

Katie Hopkins - Series 15 (2015)
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It came as no surprise when Katie received the most hostile reception ever from a crowd going into the house, which she obviously played up to as she made her way down the catwalk.

It was a bit of a shock that she actually managed to win people over during her time in the house, and received a far more divided reaction when she left in second place a month later.
Dirk Benedict - Series 5
In the early days of the show, viewers were a bit easier to please. Back then, switching the traditional limos for the 'A-Team' van counted as a 'stunt'.

A simpler time.
Kellie Maloney - Series 14 (2014)
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Kellie's arrival on 'CBB' came a matter of weeks after she came out as transgender, and she was visibly moved by the positive reception from the crowd.

She had a similarly emotional reaction to the cheers when she was evicted, even dropping to her knees in gratitude.
Katie Price - Series 15 (2015)
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Katie was a late addition to the party in 2015, surprising the housemates with her arrival slap-bang in the middle of a task.

Between the garish costume that producers had made her wear, her visible shaking due to nerves and Michelle Visage's squeal of "Katie Price!", it's an entrance that definitely stands out.
Everyone - Series 13 (2014)
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Series 13 opened with the interesting twist that all of the contestants would enter the house handcuffed to a fellow housemate.

This made for some unlikely partnerships in Ollie Locke and Lionel Blair, Luisa Zissman and Evander Holyfield and Luisa Zissman and the nation's favourite double act, Dappy and Liz Jones.

It was Linda Nolan and Jim Davidson that best stick in our memory, though - mainly because she'd been slating him in her VT just moments before they became joint at the wrist.
Winston McKenzie - Series 17 (2016)
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And speaking of VTs, while Winston wasn't the first contestant to be booed on his way into the house, he is the first contestant to have viewers offended before he'd even passed through the door.

He was showered with boos after he made jokes about what he'd do if he were to share the house with a gay man. Needless to say, he didn't last long.
Pete Burns - Series 4 (2006)
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Look at that image, for heaven's sake. That coat. Those shoes. That knowing smile.

For many, 'CBB' will have been their first brush with the late Pete Burns, so it's a good thing he was fabulous right from the moment he got out of the car, isn't it?
Gary Busey - Series 14 (2014)
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Gary Busey's time on 'Celebrity Big Brother' got off to an awkward start, when despite her best efforts, Emma Willis could not get him to end their interview and go in the house.

Eventually, she had to get him by the hand and lead him up the stairs herself, which was a sign of things to come, if we're honest.

That said, he did manage to win the series, becoming the first American to ever do so.
Angie Best - Series 19 (2017)
When Angie said in her opening VT that she hadn't told her son she'd be joining him in the house, we thought, "yeah, sure thing".

It was only when he clocked her entering the house on the screen in front of him that we realised she'd been telling the truth - his face said it all.
Gemma Collins - Series 17 (2016)
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Where were youthe moment Gemma Collins entered the 'CBB' stage sporting this marvellous mane?
White Dee - Series 14 (2014)
Despite being best known to the British public for her appearances in 'Benefits Street', White Dee was given the difficult task of trying to convince her American housemates she was actually a member of the British Royal Family.

We're still not sure how, but she managed to pass her secret mission, and genuinely convince the others of her sovereignty.
Jackie Stallone - Series 3 (2005)
"Yeah, Jackie."

Enough said.
Jack Dee

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