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‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Chloe Khan Labels Bear The ‘Most Genuine Housemate’ After Eviction

The former 'X Factor' star is the third housemate to be evicted.

Chloe Khan became the latest housemate to ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on Friday (!2 August), and during her exit interview with Emma Willis, she wasted no time in insisting that her feelings for Stephen Bear are real.

The duo’s OTT antics have had both their fellow housemates - well, apart from Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor who are all for it - and viewers reaching for the sick bucket, but Chloe has no regrets over their steamy showers and public massage sessions.

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Chloe made her way out of the Borehamwood Bungalow after failing to win over viewers 

Speaking after being given the boot, Chloe didn’t hold back and hit out at one of her biggest rivals.

“I stopped caring what they thought,” she said. “I understand Bear so much, he’s the most genuine in there.”

“Renee was mad about Bear! She wanted to make it a thing for them two. She’s an emotional mess!”

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What will Bear do without Chloe in the house? 

The former ‘X Factor’ star then addressed her and Bear’s x-rated antics, adding: “I went in there thinking not to kiss anyone, and then you forget there’s loads of cameras in there.

“One day in there is like a year out here! So intense in there! Bear is not a nasty person; he’s such a sweetheart. He has a bit of a laugh but never too personal.”

Unfortunately for the rest of the house, while they have succeeded in splitting up Chloe and Bear, Marnie and Lewis’s showmance romance is still going strong.

We just pity whoever has to clean those showers...

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