11/01/2018 11:57 GMT | Updated 11/01/2018 16:37 GMT

Celebrity Big Brother's India Willoughby Stuns Housemates With Alien Abduction Claim


Less than 48 hours after leaving her ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates speechless with a sexual confession about Daleks, India Willoughby has done it again. 

The newsreader has claimed she was previously abducted by aliens, and we have a feeling she was being completely serious. 

Speaking to a group of her fellow celebrities, India declared she’d had an out-of-this-world experience, and was left with scars on her back from it. 

India Willoughby told her 'CBB' housemates she'd been abducted by aliens

“I was abducted by aliens, seriously,” she told her housemates. 

Meeting the claim with scorn, Ann Widdecombe responded: “You were not abducted by aliens. You’ve got a very cynical audience but tell us.”

Going on to detail her so-called abduction, India continued: “I went to bed and I had this dream that I had actually been abducted, taken away, all sorts going on.

“And then the next day I woke up and these have never been explained - my mum spotted them - I have scars on my back.”

She then lifted up her top to reveal a red lines across her back, but journalist Rachel Johnson remained unconvinced. 

“So they were already scars the next day?”

“I’d never had them before,” India insisted. “Nobody has ever explained them. They’re like lines.”

India showed the group the scars on her back

Reality star Malika Haqq wasn’t convinced either, asking: “Are those red marks from something else?”

India concluded with the theory she believed it was martians who had abducted her. 

“It’s obviously martians. That’s the only explanation,” Rachel replied sarcastically. 

As well as coming out with some bold claims during her time in the house, India has also courted controversy with some of her comments.

She was previously blasted for comparing the art of drag to black face, saying she felt that seeing housemate Andrew Brady as alter-ego Betty Swollocks was comparable with a “black and white minstrel show”.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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