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'Celebrity Big Brother': Jasmine Lennard Cries 'Fix', Claiming She Was Promised A Spot In The 'All Stars' Final

She's made further bold claims about the Channel 5 show.

Former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Jasmine Lennard has launched another scathing attack on the show, after being ditched from this year’s ‘All Stars’ line-up at the last minute.

The reality TV personality has suggested the show is fixed, claiming ‘CBB’ bosses promised her a spot in the final.

Her comments came after she demanded producers pay her the full fee she claimed to have been promised prior to her axing, adding that she was willing to take legal action if they didn’t.

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Jasmine Lennard

As reported by The Sun, Jasmine has now “launched legal action”, with paperwork referring specifically to a phone call which supposedly took place on 15 August last year “implying she would be provided with some kind of immunity protecting her from elimination”.

An insider added: “Jasmine details all her dealings with Big Brother in the run up to the live shows and has proof a substantial sum of money was accepted and plans were well under way to start filming her VT footage.

“While going through the specifics of her conversations she also refers to an August 15 phone conversation where she states execs told her ‘she’d be first through the door’ and ‘participated for the full four weeks of the series’.”

HuffPost UK has contacted a ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ spokesperson for comment.

Ian West/PA Archive
Jasmine makes her way into the 'CBB' house back in 2012

Writing on Twitter after being axed from the line-up, Jasmine insisted: “I’ve had a relationship with [Channel 5] and [production company, Endemol] for over a decade and given my everything to them. I regarded them as my media family.

“The way I have been treated as a human being, as a single mother and as a person who has worked for them for over 10 years is disgusting.

“I intend to publish publicly all communications between myself and the execs at Endemol in order to expose the full extent of the internal corruption and how [dishonourably] they’ve behaved toward me so that the specific parties involved can be held accountable.”

After becoming the second housemate to be evicted from ‘CBB’ in the summer of 2012, Jasmine later re-entered the house in 2015, as part of a ‘Timebomb’ twist on the regular ‘BB’ run, during which time she grew close with fellow housemate Cristian MJC.

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