'Celebrity Big Brother': Jasmine Lennard Demands Fee From Producers, After Being Ditched From Line-Up

'I will take every and any action to defend my good name.'

Former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Jasmine Lennard has launched a scathing attack on the show, after she was ditched from the ‘All Stars’ line-up.

The model and reality star had been widely tipped to be returning to the ‘CBB’ house, though rumours in the lead-up to launch night suggested that she’d been replaced by her namesake, Jasmine Waltz.

She’s now posted a statement on social media, accusing bosses of breach of contract, and demanding they pay her the fee she says they had agreed upon.

Jasmine Lennard
Jasmine Lennard
Ian West/PA Archive

Jasmine wrote: “I’ve had a relationship with [Channel 5] and [production company, Endemol] for over a decade and given my everything to them. I regarded them as my media family.

“The way I have been treated as a human being, as a single mother and as a person who has worked for them for over 10 years is disgusting.

“I intend to publish publicly all communications between myself and the execs at Endemol in order to expose the full extent of the internal corruption and how [dishonourably] they’ve behaved toward me so that the specific parties involved can be held accountable.”

She continued: “I also intend with the full force of my legal team to drag these people through every court in the land if they refuse to honour the agreement they made with me and pay me.

“There’s no way in a million years I’m going to allow these corrupt left-wing corporate bullies to breach the contract they made with me, to remove my right to free thought and free speech and at the same time to use my name for the best part of a year to promote their show in the press.”

Jasmine and ex-boyfriend Cristian MJC, who she met during her second stint in the house
Jasmine and ex-boyfriend Cristian MJC, who she met during her second stint in the house
Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Jasmine went on to accuse producers of being “pitted against” ‘CBB’ stars like James Jordan and Jasmine Waltz “to suit their agenda and promote their programme”, adding that she will “take every and any action” to defend herself.

After becoming the second housemate to be evicted from ‘CBB’ in the summer of 2012, Jasmine later re-entered the house in 2015, as part of a ‘Timebomb’ twist on the regular ‘BB’ run, during which time she grew close with fellow housemate Cristian MJC.

A ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ spokesperson declined to comment when approached by HuffPost UK.

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