13/01/2017 16:23 GMT | Updated 13/01/2017 16:40 GMT

'Celebrity Big Brother': Jasmine Waltz Gets A Telling Off For Frying Her Microphone

We know the food in the 'CBB' house is bad, but come on!

Jasmine Waltz has landed herself in trouble on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, after she staged a mini-revolution against producers.

Well, we say “mini-revolution”, she actually tried to cook her microphone in a frying pan.

In scenes from Friday’s (13 January) episode, Jasmine is read three mean tweets about her, as part of a task, and takes particular offence when one describes her as a “mean girl”.

She complains: “That’s not the image I want to portray! I signed up to this for a voice to inspire…”

Channel 5
Jasmine was unimpressed with certain viewers' perceptions of her

Growing frustrated, later in the evening she’s seen angrily throwing her microphone across the room, at which point the housemates are reminded that taking off their mics is forbidden.

Things then get taken up a notch when she fires up the frying pan and puts her microphone in it, ignoring Big Brother’s call for her to come to the Diary Room.

She fumes: “Nope. I’m busy. I’m making eggs for my friends. My real friends. Y’all ain’t my friends.”

Channel 5
What's cooking, Jas?

Jasmine does then put her oiled-up microphone back on, adding: “Even if it’s greased up, it’s good for the body.”

She’s later seen being reprimanded by Big Brother for her actions.

Channel 5
Is that a Jamie Oliver recipe?

But Jasmine’s unusual take on cookery isn’t the only reason to tune into ‘CBB’ on Friday, as the first eviction will also be taking place, after which three new housemates will be heading into the house.

Although it’s not currently known who the new additions will be, The Sun has claimed one of the new contestants is ‘Geordie Shore’ star Chloe Ferry, while fans have speculated that Katie Price, Lauren Harries, Sarah Harding and Tiffany Pollard are also possible contenders.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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