26/01/2017 11:56 GMT

'Celebrity Big Brother': Kim Woodburn Faces The Chop, Along With Four Fellow Housemates

There's a double elimination ahead.

Five housemates are facing the chop in the upcoming ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ eviction, following another round of face-to-face nominations.

This time, though, the nominations came with a special twist, which saw the housemates going up against one another in a card game that could have severe consequences for their time in the house.

Each of the remaining contestants was invited to draw a card marked with either ‘Nominate’, ‘Save’ or ‘Joker’, with the ‘Joker’ card-holders being let off the hook when it came to the decision-making.

Kim and Jessica are both up for the chop

At the end of the game, four housemates were up for the vote, with Jessica Cunningham, Jedward, Kim Woodburn and Bianca Gascoigne all receiving nominations.

They’ll join Speidi, who will face the axe in every public vote until their eviction, thanks to a twist earlier in the series.

Bianca discovers her fate

Two of those five will be leaving the house in a double eviction this Friday (27 January), following on from Stacy Francis, who got the boot earlier this week.

Of the nominees, none of them have had a particularly good time of it this week, with Bianca making headlines when it was revealed she has a secret boyfriend on the outside, despite her ongoing romance with Jamie O’Hara.

Nicola explains her choice

Kim and Jessica have both been involved in numerous rows, while Jedward’s antics have been riling everyone, Nicola McLean in particular.

And as for Speidi… well, they’re Speidi, aren’t they?

See the aftermath of face-to-face nominations in Thursday’s (26 January) ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, airing at 9pm on Channel 5.

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